Acute cases of infectious hepatitis have responded dramatically. Cases included two orthopedic surgeons who probably acquired the disease pricking their hands at surgery and being Inoculated with a patient's blood. With ascorbate treatment laboratory tests Including the SGOT, SGPT, and bilirubins Indicated rapid reversal of the disease. In one of these cases, with the doctor-patient and his treating physicians having difficulty believing that the ascorbate was responsible for the improvement, the ascorbate was discontinued. The condition of the

patient rapidly deteriorated. The patient's wife took charge and doled out the ascorbate; again the disease rapidly subsided with laboratory findings returning to normal.

Usually oral bowel tolerance doses will generally takes about 6 days for the jaundice to clear, but the patient will feel almost well after 4 to 5 days. Because of the diarrhea caused by the disease, intravenous ascorbate way need to be used in very severe cases. Often large doses of ascorbic acid, taken orally despite diarrhea, will cause a paradoxical cessation of the diarrhea.

Morishige has demonstrated the effectiveness of ascorbate in preventing hepatitis from blood transfusions (24).